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Johannes Kepler announced his harmonics law today in 1618. It immediately went planetum. He later released it in his greatest hits album, Harmonice Mundi (latin for I hate Mondays). 

Okay, so it's really related to calculating the orbit of planets and isn't musical at all, but it sure SOUNDS musical, n'est pas? Too bad there isn't a harmonica law, limiting the number of songs that any one singer can blow to within a certain amount of time (say, one's entire life).

BIG DAY in music history. The first copyright laws were ennacted, in Massachusetts, in 1672. The music industry is born! Hackers, wearing those funnel-shaped hats with the buckles, stole the laws the next day and distributed copies to every native American they could find, shouting slogans such as "We shall come over!" and "Right my copies, don't copy my rights!" (Didn't make sense back then, either.)