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IMGA6232You can read all about me--as I can about you, dear reader--ALL OVER the place! (Social networking to the rescue!)

You can just search my name and see what comes up.

But I've made it easy for you, use some of the links below to find me on other web sites.

These are sort like my personal, um, likes. Organization and establishments that I patronize and I hope you will consider using as well.

Places and annual events at which I perform and have performed. Check them out, mainly in the good ol' summertime.

I personally recommend these musicians/bands and their music because I have worked with them and I try my darndest to work with awesome people.

Site that can be useful in your continuing search for. . .whatever!

Hey, the caption says it all...web sites that I think are pretty neat. (Or at least I thought so when last I updated this listing!)