The computery-artsy images on this web site are video stills of Mark Adamczyk performing with Vox Spectra.

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Stevie Wonder's birthday! OMG, where would pop music be today without that gold standard song Superstition, held up as a shining beacon of everything noble and seaworthy in a pop single, that rates 113 out of 100? Hyperbole? Yes! Exaggeration? No! Contradiction? Maybe!

Also, the birthday of Gilbert N. Sullivan, who wrote witty, light, fluffy, half-baked operettas back in the 1800s. (Which was either the 18th or the 19th century. I can never keep that straight.) People still sing some of Gilbert's songs today, songs such as Yes, we have no Mikado and The HMS Pinata and I'm called little Cutterbup and We sail the ocean blues and You really have to know Gilbert and Sullivan to get any of these jokes.