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What a day for music in movies! Max Steiner and Dmitri Tiomkin BOTH born today, but not in the same hospital bed. Both superstar movie composers. Tiomkin will always be remembered for his "pock pocka pock pocka-pocka-pocka" score to the movie Pock Pocka (released in Kansas as High Noon)

starring Peter Lorre as Cary Cooper and Grace Kelly as Grace Kelly with Lloyd Bridges as the guy she fights with. Wait a minute! Did Grace really fight Lloyd? No, of course not, she portrayed a Quaker. Steiner scored too many films to recount and/or remember. Just kidding, of course I remember them. They are....um....well, there was...um, actually I do recall that he introduced movie-goers to the theremin in Spellbound ("Audience, meet theremin. Theremin, meet audience.", so there-min!