The computery-artsy images on this web site are video stills of Mark Adamczyk performing with Vox Spectra.

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Hector Berlioz, famed French composer born this day in 1803. Also born in France as well, too. In 1803. He composed most of the works of Berlioz, including Symphonie Fantastique, which is pronounced "Cym-fo-knee Phan-tahs-TIC-TIc-Tic-tic-tic....."

Also, Irving Berlin, in 1880, who shares the first five letters of his last name with (are you sitting down?) HECTOR BERLIOZ! Wow! Mr. Berlin, the consumate Tin Pan Alley songwriter, wrote songs about all sorts of things like metal containers out behind the garage. ("Tin Pan Alley", get it?) He was, like, THE American songwriter, par excellence (French for "Big Kahuna") until the ascendancy of REO Speedwagon. At which point, he continued to be, like, THE American songwriter.