voxshot8 150Today is the birthday of uber-composer Franz Josef "Mama" Haydn. From all accounts, a really nice guy even if he did play the occasional prank like, f'rinstance, his Symphony #94, which, if played authentically with period instruments must include a bunch of baroque damsels in fetching habits and wimples jumping out of a large cake (Bavarian chocolate, of course!) at the correct moment--which I can't reveal what it is or then it would not be a surprise, now would it? 

Also, today is the birthday of René Descartes, who while not technically a musician, was in a profession that courts high unemployment, so pretty similar to the music business. Anyway, René is the subject of my favorite joke:

René Descartes walks into a bar and sits on a stool at the counter. He looks quzzical, like he can't make up his mind. The bartender comes up to him and, trying to be helpful, says "René, what'll you have? The usual?" René ponders for a moment then replies, "No, I think not...." At which point, he disappears.

Now, if I ask you, don't you think that joke is a real knee-slapper?, you should try responding "I think not" and let's see what happens.