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Erik Alfred Satie born in 1866. He of the lovely, light, minimalistic pieces. Every time I play his Gymnopedie #1 in public, every time, someone comes up and says, "Will you please turn your sound down?" Er, no, wait, that's not the phrase to which I was referring.

ALMOST every time I play Satie, in public, someone ELSE comes up and says, "Hey, isn't that music from [such-and-such a tv show/movie] or something?" And tv, not to mention movies, hadn't even been invented yet when Satie was writing. Isn't that c'est incrediable?

The first-ever merry-go-round was seen today in 1620. Obviously it was at a fair, but not so obviously the fair was in Philippapolis, Turkey. Oh, you already knew that? Hmmm. Riders on the merry-go-round reported that the sound system playing AC-DC's You shook me all night long sounded terribly distorted. So much for carnival technology in the 17th century.