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Today is the birthday of the famous composer Scarlatti. Now, if you asked "Which Scarlatti?" you get a pat on the head for knowing your classical composers. It's actually Alessandro Scarlatti's birthdate, he being the father of Dominico Scarlatti. Okay, for bonus points and the curtain that Francine is standing in front of,

WHICH of these two composers is the one you hear all the time on the radio. (If you listen to a proper radio station, that is.) Ten seconds...nine...eight...seven...[edit for brevity]...one...BEEEP! Okay, what's your answer? No-o-o-o, I'm sorry, the CORRECT answer is Antonio Vivaldi. Thanks for playing though, and all contestants will get to go home.

Scarlatti (Alessandro, the dad dude) in truth founded the "Neopolitan School" which rebelled against the idea that all "serious" music had to be operas. Neopolitan music folk came up with symphonies, which are basically operas without the singers. Non-profit music organization financial directors, a moment of respect, please, for Scarlatti (one of them at least), who streamlined the music biz!