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Bob Fosse, a theatrical legend (at least by his standards), born this day in 1927. He was born in Chicago as were other great visionaries who unveiled entire worlds of fantasy to audiences world-wide (Walt Disney and Raquel Welch spring to mind).

Bob started dancing professionally when he was 13, and is of course famous for his angular and provocative choreography, as well as for himself. Remember Steam Heat from Sweet Charity? Remember just about every Kit Kat Klub number in Cabaret? Remember the story line in Pippin? (No? Okay, so there wasn't much of a story in Pippin, but that wasn't Bob's fault.)

Speaking of All that Jazz (movie directed, written, choreographed by Bob, and guess who it's about?), George Allan Russell, jazz artist born in 1923 (in Cincinnati, but I'm sure he wished he was born in Chicago!), and I don't need to remind you that he is responsible for the highly influential music theory Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization. Even though I don't need to remind you, I'm mentioning it anyway because, well, gosh, I hate to admit this, but I hadn't heard of it before. Er, I mean, I'm sure I, uh, did, but just. . .forgot! Yeah, temporarily slipped my mind. Anyway, the LCCOTO (Russell really used that acronym), which influenced (name-dropping)Miles Davis, John Coltrane(\name-dropping) and lots of jazz cats (who may or may not have worked at a Kit Kat Klub), is now high on my list of cool things to look up and find out more about. I have LOTS of cool things on that list, though, so don't expect more on LCCOTO from me anytime soon. Feel free to toss it around at cocktail parties, pronounce it La-ko-to.