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Birthday of uber-popstar, Paul "Paul" McCartney. His claim to fame? Joined the skiffle band "The Quarrymen" and with fellow musician John Lennon, proceeded to run skiffle music into the ground. (How many skiffle songs can you name?) Oh, well. Paul and John and a few other band mates went off to do other musical projects, but the memory of skiffle music? Will it ever be forgotten? (Um, huh?)

Oh, okay, there is ONE other thing Paul McCartney is famous for (I mean besides practically owning pop music for a couple of decades), and that is his song "Yesterday". Besides being the most recorded cover--ever--and the most played song on the radio--ever--(and since traditional radio is fading fast into oblivion, no one else will even have a chance to try to beat the record), Yesterday makes the basis for a pretty good "Who's on first?" plagiarized comedy routine, to wit:

"Tell me the name of the greatest cover song ever?"
"It's yesterday."
"Very funny, don't get metaphysical with me. Tell me today."
"I did. Yesterday."
"Well, I don't remember what you said. Tell me again."
"I told you two times, Yesterday."
"Okay, but I forgot what you told me yesterday, you jerk! Tell me again!"
"Right. Like I said, Yesterday."
"But I'm asking you today!"
"Look you little--aw, Let it be."