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Birthdate of Dorothy Fields, one smart songwriter. She started out as an infant in 1905 and went on to become a collaborative partner with some of the biggest names in Broadway. (We're talking big, big names, all CAPS!) And her sense of what made a song a hit was uncanny, whatever that means. Wait, no, here are some examples. Instead of writing "I'm in the mood for liver", she had the unerring instinct to write "I'm in the mood for Love." Or this: instead of writing "I can't give you anything but a twenty" she went with "I can't give you anything but Love." She didn't write "By the Beautiful Trashpit," but instead was inspired to write "By the Beautiful Sea." I could go on and on (and on (and on (and on))) but the point is, how did she do it? Come up with all those boffo ideas? Too late to ask, she is no longer answering her mail, if you get my drift. Although, I must admit I think that she'd have been better served if, instead of writing "A tree grows in Brooklyn", she had instead done something memorable like "A tree grows in the woods." Now, there's clever!