Super rock concert California Jam on this day in 1974. 200,000 in the audience, many of whom were people, most of whom were friends of the roadies, snuck in for free. Among the acts performing were Rare Earth; Earth, Wind and Fire; Eagles; Seals & Crofts; Mark Adamczyk; Black Oak Arkansas; Black Sabbath; Deep Purple; and Emerson, Lake and Adamczyk.

Merle Haggard celebrates his birthday today. "Big city turn me loose and set me free." (Always liked that line, and despite its redundancy always liked that line.)

Waltzing Matilda, Australia's unofficial official song, and probably the only waltz more often sung in 4/4 time, was first sung today in 1895.

Also today, in 1883, The Speckled Band, featuring front-man Sherlock Holmes, makes its debut. This band's music is obsessed with filicide, snakes, draughty bedrooms, icky things like that. I don't think they've had any hits, at least none I can name.