The computery-artsy images on this web site are video stills of Mark Adamczyk performing with Vox Spectra.

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Lonnie Donegan born in Glascow in 1931. Lonnie was, as I'm sure you know, considered the King of Skiffle in his time. Skiffle is, as I'm sure you're aware, a kind of folksy, bluesy, countryish music that was big stuff in the U.K. in the fifties. (That would be "nineteen fifties" for all you transplanted earthlings looking at this article from the comfort of your Mars-based mobile home/spacecraft sometime in the 22nd century...Where was I?)

Lonnie did a cover of Leadbelly's "Rock Island Line" that sold three million copies (LEGAL copies, that is. Imagine!) I love to play that song myself, perhaps you'll hear me singing it this summer at an art fair. Um, where was I? Oh, yeah, John Lennon and Paul (excuse me, SIR Paul) McCartney originally modeled their band after Lonnie. Pete Townsend and Van Morrison did, too. Lonnie, as I'm sure you've guessed, was a BIG influence on what would become the British Invasion. (That would be a musical style "invasion" crossing the Atlantic in the 1960's for all you transplanted earthlings up there on Mars...Or is it "down there?" What was I saying?) The Beatles' first release, "Love Me Do", as I'm sure you are cognizant, is considered a skiffle song. BTW, how's the weather on Mars?

Zubin Mehta, famous symphony conductor, born this day in 1936. Did you know he was born in, at the time, Bombay? Nowadays he was born in Mumbai. What grammatical tense is the pinultimate sentence of this paragraph?