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Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky, influential entrepreneur of the Russian Empire, born today in 1840. He of course is famous for his fashionable line of Nutcrackers, "chic, yet practical". They are still in high demand today and marketed in what is probably the long-lived product-placement media deal ever.

Why, entire ballets (tutus and everything) have sprung up to pitch Tchaikovsky's products. His marketing prowess was unsurpassed. When introducing a new line of cannons ("deadly, yet practical") to the Russian people ("Every bourgeoisie parlor should have one."), and finding sales to be lackluster, Tchaikovsky took it upon himself to write some snappy musical jingles to push the product. His Overture model #1812 did the trick and made artillery a household commodity. Tchaikovsky is so popular that his birthday is also on May 7th.

Ella Fitzgerald's birthday is today. She was born in 1917, so never met Tchaikovsky (other than in séances), although she probably was familiar with his nutcrackers, maybe even his cannons. Her jazz stylizations of popular songs was legendary. When she sings "Do be do be do-o-o-o swa-wa-wa-wa bee-op-a-boppa zing zang-a-do-be-be-bewawa", well, the words just take on a whole new meaning!