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Sergey Prokofiev born this day in the Russian Empire. He, of course, the prolific composer of, among other prolific works, Peter in the Wolf, a musical story in which all the characters are musical instruments:

Peter, the hero, is a string section; his grandfather is a kazoo; the wolf is a screamin' Les Paul guitar (well, it should be, anyway); and the memorable duck is portrayed by a unmemorable piccolo sounding like an oboe in a stunning act of instrument ventriloquism. The cutsey little story, suitable for children of all ages because who can't appreciate a dead wolf?, revolves around Peter disobeying his grandfather (another good model for the kids) only to get into desperate life-threatening trouble. (Don't try this at home, haha.) Peter saves himself and his animals friends (It's only a movie, kids! Leave wildlife alone!) by performing a diabolical piano concerto, while seated on a high tree branch, and in the key of Db to boot. (See, kids, you should practice the piano more!) The wolf succumbs to the haunting music--that and the piano falls on his head. (Oops, Wolfie got a boo-boo kids!) Not to worry, hunters (played by hunters) show up and put the injured animal out of its misery. (See, kids? A humane use for guns!) The music end with a triumphal finale in which all characters, living and dead, hoist the piano out of the forest. (Always put your toys away, children!)

There are about 6,735 (give or take a few) different recordings of Peter in the Wolf, all narrated by Tim Curry.

Crooner Roy Orbison born this day in Texas in 1936. Just thought you should know, the color of Roy's eyes are not listed on his birth certificate, since his wrap-around sunglasses hid them from hospital staff.