Of course I have links to my original music on my web site. Don't you on yours?

You have a couple of options here.

You can use this widget immediately to the right of where your eyeballs are currently pointed to listen to some "larger" (ie "bigger") pieces of mine. Worth it, let me just add.

You can select the link up at the top of this page to hear samples of my music that I perform live and in color. (The link is cleverly hidden with the rubric "Click to hear samples of my music.") The music player comes up in a separate browser window (or it should as least--who can tell for sure what a browser will do?) so you can listen to my tunes and browse my site.Saves time, you busy person, you!

Make sure you login to my page to be able to listen to freebie tracks that are not available to anyone anywhere except here!
Login is over on the right--no, wait, make that over on the left (I still get confused with those two--don't you sometimes?). Then select the Featured Tracks menu item.