The computery-artsy images on this web site are video stills of Mark Adamczyk performing with Vox Spectra.

Mark Adamczyk

featuring Vox Spectra

the sound of color

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Long story short, lots going on. And this is just my available-to-the-public stuff. (If you want to see private things about me, you'll have to do a web search or visit the NSA "Do-tell-me-more-about..." web site.)

by, and proud of, my Vox Spectra experience outlined below. It was a lot of work to put together, but now it's a lot of fun--for me and for my audiences. Besides my performing, I'm also teaching a lot of students. You can try your hand at making--for want of a better word--music with Tessèreaction (described below), an on-line sound and image generator.

, listen to some tunes. Stay as long as you like. Here! Have a plate of virtual cookies! (Personally, I'm trying to cut my "cookie intake" way down. Wish me luck!)